Interview with Łukasz Owsian

Łukasz Owsian was born the 24th February 1990, making part of a Golden Generation of Polish cycling, headed by Rafal Majka and Michael Kwiatkowski. Riding since 2012 for the most important team on his country, CCC, Łukasz is a cyclist who has been improving each season and he can be an important member of his team for 2015, His brother, Arkadiusz, is also a pro in the ActiveJet Team.


Index Card
Career:2012-2014 – CCC Polsat Polkowice

Most important results:
Mountain Polish Champion – 2014
TTT of Sibiu Cycling Tour – 2014
11th GC of Tour de Hainan – 2014
3rd GC Dookola Mazowsza – 2013
2nd U23 Polish Nation Championship – 2011
1st on the 4th stage of the Course de la Paix junior – 2008

Hello Lukasz. First of all thank you very much for agreeing to this interview. I’m sure our readers will be curious about you and would like to get to know you a little better.

Hi. Nice to meet you.

To begin with, how would you describe yourself as a cyclist? What are your weak points and your areas of improvement?

I have been a cyclist for 13 years, so I think I can say cycling is my life. Now I spend half of my life with the bike and I like that. I feel good in the climb-ups and hills, when the road is not always flat, because I’m not a sprinter.

In 2014, you participated in your first World Tour stage race, the Tour de Suisse. How did you live the race right throughout?

Yes, I participated on the Tour de Suisse. I felt good at that race. It was my first World Tour stage race. I rode there to help our leader and for me it was important to get experience for future events.

You’ve finished the year with a nice performance in the Tour of Hainan, in China, where you finished 11th in the general classification. What is your personal balanced assessment of 2014?

At the Tour of Hainan I finished 11th. For me it was a good result, but I think I could do something more at that race. The Top 10 positions were within my reach. But now, I am thinking about the next season. However, I think 2014 has been a good year for me: I have participated in very important races, such as Amstel Gold Race, Tour de Suisse and other very good races. I won at the Polish Mountain Championship and I have been in  good shape during the whole season.


Can you remember the disputed race you were the fondest of and which one you would most want to participate in in the future?

I think it was Amstel Gold Race or Tour de Suisse. Those two races were very, very nice; especially the atmosphere, which was very good. I would like to participate again in those races, even in any of the Grand Tours, if at all possible.

What are your objectives for next season? What about your team’s objectives?

For me it’s important to participate in good races. But, wherever I ride, I want to be in good shape, and to give my 100% or more at each race. I would like to win some races next season. Victories are very important for my team. We want to be in the best races, so we’ll see what happens.

Looking ahead at 2015, how are you planning to prepare yourself during the winter cutoff months?

I’ve started my training now: I go to the gym, to the swimming pool and I ride a bike. That is what I’ve done so far in November. In December I will go to Spain, where I will ride a bike extensively, and sometimes go to gym.

Your team, CCC, has been reinforced with the addition of cyclists like Grega Bole and Stefan Schumacher. How do you think they can contribute to the team?

I think they are very good cyclists. They have often showed they are very strong at all types of races, and I think that with them we can win many of them next season.

What do you think about the new, young members that are joining your team? ( Brozyna, Paluta, Laton, Kaczmarek…)

I think they are good cyclists. I hope they will improve with our team. At the races they will gain experience and we may see some of these young riders win some of them.

How does a young cyclist like you feel about having to team up with de peloton’s ‘grandfather’, Davide Rebellin?

Davide is a very, professional cyclist. He wants to give 100% in everything. We, as young riders, should learn everything from him: training, dietary habits, etc.

You belong to a Golden generation in Poland’s cycling. You are only one year younger than Majka and you were born in the same year as Kwiatkowski. What can you tell us about those two great cyclists?

I am one year younger than Majka and I was born in the same year as Kwiatkowski. We rode a lot of races together and I knew that they would be very good cyclists, and they wouldn’t need much time to become the best. Now we can see how they ride. Kwiatkowski is World Champion, and I know him very well. We were on the same team at the beginning of our career as cadets, juniors, and U23… All those years Kwiatkowski was the best rider. Now we train together because we live in the same city in Poland. So I am lucky to train with a World Champion! 🙂

Has an increase in the interest for cycling been noticeable in Poland as a result of your countrymen great victories?

Maybe a little bit. But, only those who have always supported cycling follow this sport in Poland. New comers who have just discovered cycling must now learn and retain these names quickly.

Do you think Polish cycling will surpass the historic 2014 results in 2015?

I hope that next season will be the same as this one, or even a little bit better.

A few months ago we interviewed your younger brother Arkadiusz, who told us you both train together whenever you can. Do you see both of you being part of the same team in the future? Do you both compete to be the best when you are in the same race?

Yes I train with my brother every time I can. Maybe in the future it will be possible to be part of the same team. We will see what happens.


Lastly, a short, quick answer test:

A meal: Muesli with yoghurt on breakfast

A TV series: Big Bang Theory

A movie: Transporter

A cyclist idol: Lance Armstrong

What about off road?: Computer Games

A city: Toruń

What would you have been, if not a cyclist?: Informatics

Łukasz Owsian

Interview and translation:

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