Interview with Federico Figueiredo

Born in Portugal, May 25, 1991, he is with us today, the future of Portugal, Federico Figueiredo, debuting this year with professionals in Rádio Portugal. Sit and enjoy the interview, and above all, have him in mind for the future.

2014 - Rádio Popular (CT)

Most Important Result:
1º Clasificado de la montaña en la Vuelta a la Comunidad de Madrid U23 (2013)
7º Clasificado Volta Ao Alentejo (2014)
8º Clasificado General Vuelta a Castilla y León (2014)
14º Clasificado Vuelta a La rioja (2014)

Hello, Frederico. First of all, thank you for accepting this interview. It is a pleasure for us to share this conversation with our readers.

You have only 22, so young, but you have been riding professional races since 2010, when you rode, among others, the Volta ao Alentejo. Do you feel yourself experienced despite your youth?
I think that nowadays being young is not an obstacle anymore, as we can see very young riders racing at international level and competing with the most experienced cyclists in the bunch. The age makes differences and provides maturity, but today the learning and the evolution of a rider is much faster than before.

Last year you were third in the Portuguese National Championships in the Under23 Road race. Did you feel you could get more?
It was a race that remained special for me, because it was the National Championship, where everyone wants to win. I had it as a big goal, even knowing that it was not a suitable itinerary for my characteristics. I felt a bitter taste because being a national champion and wear our country colors is a huge honor. But work continues and dream remains.

Also in 2013 you rode the Vuelta a Madrid Under23, winning the Mountains classification. Good memories? Do you intend to ride it again this year?
I have always liked to ride in Spain because they are more open races and it is always very agitated. When I went to ride in Spain, I won something, which increased my motivation. There was a very high quality bunch in Vuelta a Madrid, so I felt really proud to bring home the mountains jersey. I have to thank the support of my great teammate David Rodrigues, who gave everything in order to help me to win that classification.

The Portuguese and the Spanish cycling calendars are almost the same, especially for Continental teams. Why are these races disappearing in your opinion?
 The economic situation in both countries is not very good. I think that this is one of the reasons why so many races, some of them of very high level, are disappearing in Portugal and Spain.

How is to ride in a World Championship? Last year you finished 14th. Do you believe that you could do even better?
Participating in a World Championship was like a dream. I lived my best week as a cyclist. Being there, next to the best riders in the world was amazing. I knew that I was with good feelings and that I was riding well, but I had few experience in international races. But I always have the ambition to work more and better and I try to evolve each year, and I knew that that was a great launching pad. Maybe with more experience and more opportunities at international level… I don’t want to say that I would do it better because I am not that kind of person, but I think that experience counts a lot too. But I finished happy with the place I got and with the race I performed.

Speaking of this year. You start to ride with pros officially and the season begins quite well: 7th in GC of Alentejo and 8th in Castilla y León. How do you feel about the rest of the season?
This year is my first season as a pro. For me, this is a transitional year to adapt myself well to the category. I have obtained good results and my team has given me a lot of confidence and they have always helped me a lot, which it also counts a lot. Now, after a good first part of the season, I will think exclusively in Volta a Portugal, where my team, Radio Popular Boavista, will play an important role and where we will have Rui Sousa and Daniel Silva as squad leaders. My role is already well defined and it will be to give everything for them and to give my all in each stage.

How would you describe yourself as a cyclist?
I describe myself as a climber. I started to work to improve in time trials and in flat roads but without forgetting the climbs, because it is worthless to improve other matters if I will lose my climber skills. So I will try to improve in everything, but without risking my main skill.

How is a training day for Frederico Figueiredo?
Normally I get up at 8am more or less, I have breakfast and I read the news in Internet and newspapers.  Near 10am I start my training, and, depending on the moment of the year and on the objectives, the length varies between 2 and 6 hours. Then, I pass my time relaxing, being with my girlfriend or doing other hobbies I have.

Would you like to add anything to our readers?
Thank you for the opportunity you have given to me with this interview. I hope you the best success.

To conclude, a little quick test:

– A meal: Francesinha (typical Portuguese dish)
– A TV series: Lost
– A film: Olympus has fallen
– A cyclist idol: Carlos Pinho (my uncle)
– A non cyclist idol: Luther King
– A city: Porto

– What would you be, if you hadn’t been a cyclist? I have never thought too much about that. Maybe I would do a Sports degree.

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