Interview with Arek Owsian

Arkadiusz Owsian was born on September 10, 1993 in Poland. This year he debuted as a professional in the ActiveJet Team and possibly many of you do not know anything about him, but … Be prepared for the future of cycling!
2014 - ctiveJet Team (CT)

Most important result:
7º Clasificado Visegrad 4 Bicycle Race - GP Slovakia  (2014)
15º Clasificado Trofeo de Palma (2014)
22º Clasificado La Côte Picarde (2014)
R&M: Hi Arek. Thank you very much for accepting this interview. Road&Mud readers would be curious to know more about you.
Hi. I’m very happy with that you wished to talk with me.
R&M: Why and when did you decide to become a cyclist? How did you start to ride a bike?
Answering the question, since i can remember. When I was a kid my dad was a coach in a small team in my city. When he could, he toke me to the races. For me it was an amazing experience. I wanted to do that. First my brother Łukasz started to race. I wanted to be like him, and that’s the beginning of my story with cycling.
R&M:  For those that do not know you. How would you define yourself as a cyclist?
I think I’m the type All-Rounder, but I’m still a young rider and I must learn a lot.
R&M:  This is your first year in a professional team. How do you feel about it?
I’m very, very happy. I must say thanks to my boss Mr Bieliński and my sports director Mr Kosmala. They gave me a chance and I hope I don’t disappoint them.  
R&M: This season, you are participating in both professional and under23 races. Are there many differences between them?
I think that there are many differences. First of all, races are longer in professional and the riders have more respect to each other. In races under23 is more chaotic. There are a lot of crashes, and of course we ride slower.
R&M: In 2014 you have participated in two important races of the Spanish calendar, Majorca and Andalucía.  Did you like them? What do you think about the Spanish supporters?
Those were my first races this season. I felt good in these races and if I have a chance I will go back there. The atmosphere was amazing. There were many Spanish supporters. Races were very heavy but I want to go back there and show what I can do.
R&M: Tell us about your team, ActiveJet Team. How is your relationship with the Spanish teammates Ezquerra, Muntaner and Mario González?
This year is the first year of the group but everything is prepared professionally. We can’t complain about anything. With the Spanish teammates I have a very good relationship. They are very friendly and helpfully. I can talk to them about everything.
R&M:  Which international race would you like to race the most? Why?
I think that the most important races in this season will be the World Championship Under23, of course if I get nominated for national team. Race profile is perfect for me. I like this route. 
R&M: Could you explain to our readers how your training routine is? How is your day-to-day?
The First thing I do after waking up is to drink a cup of coffee. After that I write my brother to see what he is riding on this day and if it is possible we train together. In training I try to do exactly what the coach wrote me. After training I like to spend time with friends.
R&M: Which are the next races that you will do this year? Which are your goals for this season?
My next race is Tour des Fjords in Norway. This race has 2.1 UCI category and there are very good teams with very good riders. I think I’m in a good condition and I can fight for good results. Next goals for me are probably the National Chamiponships. Next?  We will see where my team gets invitation.
R&M: The Polish cycling has an impressive future with stars as Kwiatkowski and Majka. How cycling is lived in your country?
Cycling in Poland is not a popular sport like football. Maybe in a few years this will change. Obviously something had moved in this direction but we still have a long way. Riders like Kwiatkowski and Majka make the people and the media beginning to interest cycling.
And, now, a little short test:
A meal: spaghetti
A TV series: Dragon Ball   : D
A movie: Never back down
A cyclist idol: Michał Kwiatkowski
A non-cyclist idol: My Familly
A city: Toruń
What would you be, if you hadn’t been a cyclist? I would like to be the director sportive
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