Interview with Ellen Van Loy

Today, we have the honor to have with us, one of the best cx rider on women elite cathegory, she is Ellen, Ellen Van Loy

– Ellen, tell us, how did you started riding bike?

14 years ago, I met my boyfriend Tom; he had a bike. He convinced me to also buy one. After a few hollidays in Austria and Italy, I started riding a bike more and more. At first, just for fun. Now, so much years later, it became a passion.  Since 7 years I do competition. First on the road, later on, also cyclocross.


– Which was your first team?

My first team was Emversport, a small, local team but we had a lot of fun. We went to mount Ventoux on trainingcamp.  There allways was a good atmosphere.

– You have won many races in your career. Which of all, do you remember specially?

I won an off-season race in Canada; it’s a combination of road and cyclocross for 70km. A good friend and I were invited by the organisation and we were welcomed as big heros. It was a fantastic moment to cross the line first! We met a lot of nice people and probably we return this year for the 3rd time. The race is called ‘Paris to Ancaster’ or P2A

– Why do you think that in Belgium, all of you have a higher level that here, in Spain?

Definitely Belgium is the cross-land eminence. A lot of races, tuff circumstances, bad weather,..A lot of  foreigners live or stay in Belgium during cross season. I also race most of the time in Belgium. I don’t see why I travel far when races are nearby. Racing a lot makes you stronger at the end I think.

– When you have been training, I think that you have met many times with Sven, Meussen, Niels Albert,… what is the feeling when you are riding with the Cx stars?

Unfortunately I almost train on my own; but that’s okay and my choice.  But cyclocross world is small; when I pass these ‘big stars’, they allways say hello!

-Could be possible to see you on the podium in the next Word Championhip?

I don’t think Zolder is a good circuit for me. I like the race, but there are a lot of fast sections. And a lot of girls will be very fast that day! I prefer more muddy, slower races.


– You have a lot of seasons to ride in the future, but have you thought what to do when you give up cx?

I probably stay warm inside on a Sunday afternoon. I already have an option in my mind. My husband and I will buy a motor cycle. So it stays on 2 wheels but not that intensive anymore, haha

– In Spain we don’t have many girls riding. What can you tell to spanish girls to start riding cx?

Definitely get on a bike. Road racing is okay but cx is such more spectacular. And if they can come over to Belgium; they gonna love the crowds and all the rest of the cx-circus. 

– I don’t know if you have childs. If you have them, would you like them to be cyclist like you?

I don’t have children. Not yet? Who knows?

– Which is your objective in this cx season? And for the next season on the road?

I just want ride a good season; i don’t peak to a special race. I hope I stay healthy. Probably good results come automatic. Of course,I want good results and hopefully a few wins!

On the road I don’t have any expactations. Road racing is a good preparation to a new winter season. I race active, so maybe podiums will come close this summer.

– How do you train for being such a good rider on the mud and on the road?

I train as much and as hard as I think I have to train. My age makes me take more rest after training. But this combination works for me! I have a training area were I go each week. I feel good and feel a big difference between begin season and now. I switch my limits every week. I do a lot of different trainings, it makes it varied and less boring.

– Could be possible to see you winning races this season in cx? I think that you are very strong.

Thank you! I hope you are right.

– Do you think that women cx has to be better than it is now?

From this season, women’s races are live on TV; I feel a big difference. More spectators, more interest of people, and hopefully for a lot of girls, more oppurtunities and chances to become good riders. Maybe this is a good start to close the gap between men and women on all parts.


– Finally, you can write here whatever you want, about whatever you want, to whoever you want,…

I’m happy to be part of the cyclocross-world. It is the best choice I ever made. I hope a could ride a few more years. I worked hard to achieve this level and you never know which big win will be mine one day!!

Greetings, Ellen

Thank you, from deepest of my heart.



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