Aida Nuño Interview (English)

Aida Nuño is the last rider to be signed by a UCI team, and that happened this week. That team is spanish Lointek  And who is Aida? She is 30 years old, she was born and lives in Asturias, a truly cyclist paradise in the north of Spain. 
She has a degree in Administration and Business Management.
Since 2014, she is Marketing Manager for MMR, the spanish bikes’ manufacturer
And what is even more interesting to us: 4 times spanish CX champion in elite category (2002, 2003, 2011, 2014)
4 more titles in previous categories, both in MTB and CX.

She has been part of the spanish team both in european and world championships.

Her best placing in international CX races were in 2014:
22nd in Nommay , World Cup
22nd in Hoogerheide, World Championship


R&M Congratulations, or perhaps we must congratulate Lointek Team, what a great move they’ve made
AN Thank you! As with every agreement, its purpose is to be profitable for both parts. For me, it’s a great opportunity and I hope that having me in the team is positive for them as well.
R&M Please don’t tell us you are leaving the mud aside!! That would be such a disappointment!
AN Of course I won’t! By no means I think of my “landing” on the road as giving up cyclocross. The only thing I do is to leave MTB and duathlon aside, as these were my activities at this time of the season during previous years
R&M Who would have thought that the CX spanish champion was going to switch to the road! What a surprise! Tell us briefly, how the idea came, conversations with the team, who was “flirting” with whom …
AM hahahah Well, I don’t like the statement  “switch to the road” that much, as it seems I leave one modality to jump into the other, and it’s not the case. The truth is conversations started some good months ago, and the initial idea was to get on board a bit later on, closer to summer. In the end, due to circumstances, we made up our minds and decided to begin straight away, and I am very happy about it. I think both parties were flirting with each other … I’d been longing for a while to hit the roads , and they were following me, so when I got their proposal I made up my mind pretty easily. It was the right moment.
R&M From Lointek you know González sisters (Lucia & Alicia) well: neighbours, friends and rivals in cyclocross … how about the rest of the team?
AN Yes, it’s true that having the González Blanco sisters in the team is conforting, I’ll try to learn as much as possible from them. The rest, I know Eider (Merino) from cyclocross and the other girls’ cycling careers as well. For sure I’ll have the time to know them all a bit better!
R&M You’re going through plenty of professional changes this 2014: you’re back on the road after 12 years, marketing manager for MMR, the bikes’ manufacturer and your sponsor for years … You are full of energy and goals! What else do you do?
AN  These days are certainly full of changes, and the best thing is that all of them are for the better. Regarding the bike, I am more motivated than ever and, in addition, my job now allows me to train and travel much easily, so it’s clear I must seize this moment and enjoy it fully.


R&M We know your debut will be this Sunday, in the next WC event in Flanders… that is something! How do you get yourself ready for an event like this?
AN Well, these days my preparation is mainly psychological hahaha! It’s my first international road race and it’s going to be nothing but a World Cup, and on top of that Flanders! It’s awesome, and at the same time makes me dizzy. I’ll do my best and get the most of the experience to learn as much as possible.
R&M Do you know the rest of your calendar?
AN I know about the coming weeks, but the rest we’ll see little by little. We have to see which races suit me better. So my adaptation to some races and the needs of the team will shape my calendar.
R&M Lointek was one of the last teams to be invited to the Women’s Tour in May. First edition and I know for sure the english are working hard to deliver a memorable stage race. Do you know if you are going to be there?
AN It’s great news Lointek Team is going to be in the Women’s Tour. It’s an amazing race and one of the most attractive throughout the international calendar. Initially, I won’t be there but the best riders in that moment will take part.
R&M Best of luck for the team there! Back to you, why did you stop road racing 12 years ago?
An  I didn’t stop, I simply raced some races and I did not get hooked, that’s it.
R&M hahaha so we could say the road “left” you instead … which were your team/teams by the time?
AN Back then I was doing MTB and CX. On the road I just raced a few races which suited me, and I was riding for myself, no team
R&M Your goals for this season?
AN I’ll get ready the best way I know and I’ll try to learn from my team mates. My goals will be defined step by step.
R&M Plenty of riders successfully combine disciplines : CX, MTB, road and the tendency is rising.
Does the road help CX? Or is it the other way round? Or do they match perfectly?
AN CX and road are not only compatible but, I hope, complementary. As long as you make an accurate planning of the season and you respect rest periods, I don’t think there is any conflict. However, next year I’ll be able to tell you with more judgement!
R&M It’s a deal! Changing the subject, we know you love the Netherlands, who wouldn’t with that magic surrounding everything related to the bike … what is missing here in Spain?
AN Plenty of things: flat land, it’s a whole different culture. There the bicycle is fully integrated in people’s everyday lifes as a means of transportation.
R&M And what is your view on women’s cycling? Do you follow the news? There are many good steps forward, I think we can be optimistic
AN Yes, there are plenty of good news, particularly in an international level. Women’s cycling is growing very fast, and even more in a discipline like cyclocross. There is also a quality improvement.
There is still plenty to do, and we need to keep up the good, constructive work, but indeed there are reasons to be optimistic.

R&M Do you follow women’s races?
AN More or less, I am starting to follow them now, but to be honest I was not following the women’s road season that much till now
R&M So, you follow the cx races more
AN Yes, CX races much more, but mainly results and reviews. I’m not the type to follow all the WC races on-line or to be daily hooked on the news. There are several reasons: I’m a bit chaotic, I get saturated of following races and most of all, I don’t have the time! I like pedalling much more than watching races.
R&M Please, go on like this so that WE can enjoy YOU ! hahaha
And the last one: in turning from cx to road, what is the easiest and the hardest?
AN We’ll see, I reckon the most difficult thing will be to get used to ride in the peloton and the easiest … well, in the end it’s pedalling, isn’t it?
            All pictures courtesy Aida Nuño Palacio @tulipaida


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